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Under no circumstances will we meet and/or deal with your 3rd party shipping, delivery services and/or nanny services.

Yes, we do offer shipping & delivery service.

In order for us to accommodate your puppies travel and be able to provide you with a proper quote, please know your closest Airport when you inquire shipping and/or delivery.


 Ex. Our nearest Airport is SCK.

 We offer air transport options for our Miniature Pinschers & Chihuahuas. Can fly solo or with a litter mate. We can also meet you at a destination upon your request (if possible), Drivers Time & fuel charge will apply. Delivery we would need a location to give you a delivery quote. Most local Deliveries start at $400.00 if located within a 50 mile radius, $500.00 if located within 51-100 miles radius. Most deliveries start at $650.00 for puppies/dogs, may be additional if in farther away areas. 


Shipping (flights start $750.00 for puppies/dogs, may be additional if in farther away areas.

Please keep in mind Transporters drive 24 hours they have a route with other people waiting for their pets, so please be flexible. They cannot control traffic and may show up at late nights or early mornings and can’t wait hours for you to show up that would not be fair to the other pets that are also sitting there waiting to go to their homes you wouldn’t like your pet showing up late don’t do that to others please. Once puppy is paid in full @ 7 Wks of age including full purchase price and shipping/delivery paid in full I will immediately book the flight and/or set up delivery.

Safe Temperature Range 

   Extreme temperatures are tough on our pets/babies, so we only provide flights when temperatures are safe and appropriate. Temperature restrictions are based on the actual or forecasted temperature(s) for each flight departure time and flight arrival time for each station on the itinerary.

   We transport our babies when ground temperatures are between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

   We will NOT  transport our babies when ground temperatures are higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This applies to origin, connection, and destination cities.

We give you a window of time as close as possible and they do call the night or two before to confirm time and place with you! Dogs if flying will Include Flight, Heath Certificate, Full vet check prior to flight within 72hours of flight, and Airport transportation to take them to get on the plane, you will pick them up at your local airport and must bring two forms of ID to sign for your new baby. Balance and flight fees must be paid in full before we can make reservations for a flight. Flights are scheduled 10 days before departure. We receive exact info of flight numbers and times 36 hours prior to departure due to any weather changes We do only flights on Monday-Thursday please be available for that day as we have to drive 4 hours & 40 minutes round trip to Airport #1 SMF & 4 hours & 30 minutes round trip to Airport #2 SFO. Depending on weather conditions we try to get the most direct flight we can, it is the only 4 days we have to travel. 

We can meet you at the airport if you wish to fly with your pup under your seat be sure to check with your airlines about the allowing of dogs under the seat. If we meet you at the airport, we charge time & fuel to airport and cost of Health certificate which we will have ready for you with your pup to fly. SCK is our closest airport which is not an option for flights. SCK is an option if you wish to fly with your pup under your seat. Therefore, SMF & SFO is our options for flights if we are shipping.


Shipping whether by air is no more stressful on a puppy than if you drove here to pick it up yourself.  Reasonably well-adjusted puppies handle the experience quite well. 

Also: If a person is looking to do a charge back after receiving the puppy as a form of scamming the breeder, we do take all charge backs seriously and will take to civil court as well as show up at your door with the sheriff and papers, to collect the puppy in which you received credit for and then take to civil court for travel and expenses and fees. Please don’t think that committing credit card fraud is a good idea to get a free pup, It’s Not!


Petco was recently remodeled in 2022, this is a current picture.



My Puppies prices vary, price range before taxes $3,000-$7,000 USD. Merle puppies/hidden Merle start at before taxes $4,500.00-$9,500.00 USD. Depending on color, size, registration, and if last litter it can be higher or lower depends on the Sire & Dam of the litter. I may or may not be accepting 1st/2nd pick it all depends, If I do it will be available on Available Puppies and Waiting List Page! What I can tell you about my prices for AKC standard & exotic colors are they are not inexpensive. ***If contacting me trying to make deals etc. Please know I will just refuse services, if purchasing two puppies please know I do not give deals. I offer a reward program for my new and returning customers. We do have gift cards and t-shirts available for purchase & will email future Heart of Toys Puppies Family gifts of our appreciation 2023-2024. This is my business which took plenty of dedication, extreme Blood, Sweat & Tears. I expect the same Respect ✊🏽. At a Grocery’s store you cannot get any deals just based on you wanting one or asking for them, so please respect my policy or feel free to look somewhere else. Thank you for understanding!

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